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WordPress / Re: Best WordPress Admanagement Plugin -
« Last post by delwar on March 28, 2021, 12:08:44 PM »
Another great plugin is the AdSanity:

It's a paid version. But, you can do almost anything you want with ad insertions.
WordPress / Best WordPress Admanagement Plugin -
« Last post by delwar on March 28, 2021, 12:07:04 PM »
There are several plugin that you can use to insert ads in your WP blog post or page.

The best one is the one that can be used with shortcode and php tags. This way you can change your ads dynamically.

I have used the Adrotate plugin (free version) and it seems promising to me.


You can grab stats, how your ad is working with this plugin.
If you have bought a new site you need to change the affiliate Id of the seller in your site. Changing them manually is pretty tiresome job. use a plugin like this that can do the task automatically.

Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon
WordPress / How to show last updated date of post instead published date in WordPress?
« Last post by delwar on January 11, 2021, 12:42:22 PM »
In your theme/child theme's functions.php file add the following code.

Code: [Select]
/*showing last updated of post instead published date*/
function wpb_last_updated_date( $content ) {
$u_time = get_the_time('U');
$u_modified_time = get_the_modified_time('U');
if ($u_modified_time >= $u_time + 86400) {
$updated_date = get_the_modified_time('F jS, Y');
$updated_time = get_the_modified_time('h:i a');
$custom_content .= '<p class="last-updated">Last updated on '. $updated_date . ' at '. $updated_time .'</p>'; 
    $custom_content .= $content;
    return $custom_content;
add_filter( 'the_content', 'wpb_last_updated_date' );

Now, come to a better solution.

Let's assume we are going to export backup from and restore it on

First, Go to -> tools -> export -> media

Now to go -> tools -> import (upload xml file of media export)

Make sure you check download and import file attachments.

This will take sometime. While it's running, go and export pages or posts from

Open the XML backup file of that export and do a find and replace of to

Now if the media import finished, start the upload of the modified XML export.

Walla! it will now reference the uploaded images you did in the previous import.

let me know if you succeed this way.
Also, check if your host is allowing if you have the right to import larger number of files from an specific IP.
To avoid this problem first check if your old domain's "hotlink Protection" is inactive in cPanel (if this is hosted in cPanel)
This is a general problems happens if you are trying to export a backup file via the WP>>Tools dashboard.

When you export all content via the export option in admin panel then you get an XML file as backup. you can then upload it in another wordpress to restore the backup.

Remember that, the OLD site must be up and running to import the backups in NEW site.

Still sometime you will see everything is restored but the images or attachments are not there, then what to do?
So, I have another plugin name for you if you are looking for other than AAWP.

The NicheTable plugin in WordPress Plugin directory is a good choice:

You can create list, compare product and show product image manually with this plugin. It has a free and paid version.
Adsense / Re: Google Adsense Hit By a Login Error!
« Last post by delwar on October 20, 2020, 02:35:41 AM »
Google has not informed the users about any outage currently, however, some users have seen posting on Twitter saying that they have been facing problems logging in
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