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Problem with Table Press plugin: Buttons not showing

Started by WISH MASTER, April 21, 2019, 12:27:42 PM

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Tablepress plugin itself is working just fine. I have added tables and custom html in the post.

I have inserted some buttons to link to amazon. They are just showing fine in the post when I am logged in, but when I am logged out of the site then the buttons on the post are gone. It's just a simple link and text.

That means buttons not showing to the visitors. What to do?
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This is probably an issue with the table press caching. Try this shortcode when inserting a table in the post:

[table id=123 cache_table_output=false /]

This will drop the table press cache. Let me know if this fixed your issue.
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Ah... this actually solves the problem. Buttons are back when I am logged out.
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