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You can withdraw in your personal or Business account?

Actually adding a business account bank details is a hassle in UpWork.

Does getting payment to your personal account breaks the rules of Wise?
So, here is the problem:

Avada is a nice theme and I have been using it for several projects. but after the last updates to 7.5 the events calender seems broken. Not only that the submit event option from the front has css/JS issue.

It seems when the The Events Calendar plugin updated the Avada team didn't updated their templates. I am loosing the nice calendar vie that used to show via [tribe_events] short code. 
There are several reasons why CF7 can't submit your data. The error is always shown in red letter.

01. Check if you have filled all the required field of the form.
02. Your CF7 settings in the backend is OK.
03. Your host is not blocking any outgoing mail delivery port. This happens mostly in shared hosting.

If everything is OK, but you are still getting an error message  like the following:

Then check if your MX record are pointing to the current server. Hosting like namecheap shared will not allow msg to be sent from this server if the MX record are pointed to some other services like Google.

On this case you need to configure an SMTP plugin like: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login so you can send mail from your won mail server.

A free gmail account can be configured to do this mail routing. THese plugins have good documentation.

Let me know if you are facing problem like this.
123456 this is your Facebook confirmation code. সাধারনত এই লেখাটা আসে।  আপনার ক্ষেত্রে পুরোই ব্যাতিক্রম। যদি কনফার্মেশন কোড দেবার জায়গা খুঁজে না পান পিসি থেকে চেষ্টা করার পরেও, তাহলে রিকভারি করার আর কোন পথ নাই।
This is a premium theme from MyThemeshop. The files are clean.

Version: Sociallyviral – Viral Wordpress Blog Theme 2.3.7

v2.3.7 (May 30, 2019)
- Fixed error in Breadcrumb when Rank Math plugin is active.
- Added 6 new Google fonts in the typography options[/li][/list]

Files Updated:

- functions/theme-actions.php
- page-blog.php
- page-contact.php
- page.php
- single.php
- style.css

Download: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Comment if the link is down. After new theme is released, the link will be updated.
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Demo: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Download Bimber v9.1.0: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Don't forget to say thanks. Let me know if download links do not work.
WP Themes / Thesis Theme
May 26, 2019, 05:13:35 PM
This is the Core thesis  theme with updates. Just install and update. All files are clean.

Also 26 thesis skin is included in the pack.

Do not forget to say thanks.

Download: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Don't forget to say thanks.

** If the links do not work. Let me know.

WP Plugins / My ThemeShop Plugins
May 26, 2019, 04:55:20 PM
Anyone need a one time update for Mythemeshop plugins can download the pack from here:


You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Last Updated March 11, 2019
So, I talked with namecheap live support and so sweet, the problem is solved. It was from their side that was triggered to block some mod_security. They whitelisted the actions for my cPanel and wallA... I can save theme options again.

My .htaccess and plugins are working just fine.
I have to make it clear a bit. The "save" button takes me to a 404 page and the URL on the address bar is like this " https://my_site/wp-admin/options.php"

I guess it's the hosting. They are blocking something.
I am using a theme from mythemeshop. Same theme I used in several others website. There everything is working just fine. Today I looked into one of my site and tried to change the logo image.

The problem is I can delete the image from theme options panel, but when I try to add new image and then press the save button, it doesn't work. The save button redirects me to 404 page. same thing works just fine on siteground.

The one I am facing problem is with Namecheap. Any Idea?
Ah... this actually solves the problem. Buttons are back when I am logged out.
Tablepress plugin itself is working just fine. I have added tables and custom html in the post.

I have inserted some buttons to link to amazon. They are just showing fine in the post when I am logged in, but when I am logged out of the site then the buttons on the post are gone. It's just a simple link and text.

That means buttons not showing to the visitors. What to do?
This means, you can't apply freely any job you wish. You have to spend your connects carefully. Otherwise you will spending money. Top rated freelancers are getting a benefits here. They will have some free 60 connects.

Also, applying a job won't cost you 2 connects anymore. It can go up to 6 depending on the job.

I know many freelancers are not going to happy with this. UpWork already raised their fees from 10% to 20% lately. Now they are charging freelancers again.

But, remember this is to eradicate the spam people are getting after posting a job.

SO, what do you think about this change?
Got another interesting mail from UpWork today. The leading freelancing market place is changing it's rules again. The original message goes as follows:

Starting in May, Connects will cost $0.15 each, with no free Connects.

  • You'll need between 1 and 6 Connects, depending on the job, to submit a proposal.
  • Proposals submitted for invitations you receive from clients will continue to be free.
  • On average, most freelancers will spend about $5 per month or less on Connects.
Why are we making this change?

We want to help professional freelancers like you win more jobs. With paid Connects, we expect freelancers will submit fewer proposals, increasing your likelihood of winning projects and making it easier for clients to identify high-quality talent.

What does this mean for you?

  • This change will take effect between May and June. We'll follow up with a reminder.
  • With this change, you can keep any unused Connects in your account, up to 140.
  • Because you're a Top Rated freelancer, we will also provide you with 60 additional free Connects to help you transition.

We understand this is a big change but feel this is the best way to create more opportunities for you through Upwork in the long term. To learn more about this change, visit our resource page.