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Can I get UpWork Payment in my Wise Account?

Started by DJ RONY, March 11, 2022, 06:25:31 PM

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Yes, definitely you can.

Open a Wise account.

Verify it to get USD account details.

In UpWork add the USD bank account details in Get Paid section. UpWork will veryfy it with 2 small amount deposit.

When approved you can withdraw the money for free in this account. It usually takes 1-2 business day to get into your wise account.

You will get 2% bonus if you withdraw from UpWork to BD bank account.
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You can withdraw in your personal or Business account?

Actually adding a business account bank details is a hassle in UpWork.

Does getting payment to your personal account breaks the rules of Wise?
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As far I have seen there is no restriction in withdrawing in your personal wise account. In wise business account they gave a USD account that is in the name of your company. Unless you create a company in your same name, it won't be easy to add it in the Get Paid section.

You need to contact the support to add your business bank account details in your UpWork profile.
I do what I love, Money Comes on the Way.