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How to Get Direct Advertising on Your Blog or Site!

Started by DJ RONY, April 24, 2019, 03:45:44 AM

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Selling ad spaces directly to your blog or site might be a great way to earn money online. This is one of the best monetization options for the bloggers. In direct advertising blog or site owners (webmasters) sell ad spaces at monthly or weekly basis. Sometimes it showed up as the best alternative to the PPC ads and affiliate marketing.

But to do the direct ad selling in your blog or site- your site must have a huge traffic and they must be targeted. Otherwise advertisers won't get interested hiring your ad spaces. So, the first thing is- you have to market your site, do the SEO job and create popular content for your readers, and then you can get the opportunity to sell ad spaces in your blog or site.

If you have a site with page rank then its better and you will have most valuable customers to buy your ad spaces. Now follow these simple steps to get started.

01. Determine the ad spaces first that you want to sell. What will be their location and on which page you want to show them. Ad spaces above the fold have great value and they are preferable to the advertisers.

02. Ad space sizes also matter to the advertisers, because some may want to buy text link, when other might wants to get a banner. So it's important you have defined the sizes of ads you are going to sell.

03. Create an advertising page where you will list all the available ad spaces, their sizes and the prices too. This thing will help to make the decision of the advertiser easily.

04. Setting the right prices for your blog or site might be the problem you'll face. You have to determine the value of your site and what your ad space's price should be. For the starting you may choose a lower rate that will attract the advertisers. After time passes and when you will be getting more customers you can increase the rates.

05. Always try to respond your advertiser's e-mails or PMs as soon as possible. Building trust to the advertisers is a thing that can help you in the long run.

06. Giving discounts to the regular or frequent buyer is a tactics to make them loyal. If a customer wants to buy ads for a long time then give him a discount.

07. It will help if you send occasional e-mails to the advertisers about the updates and simple thank you sometimes.

Selling ad spaces in your blog is more profitable when you have already a running blog with huge organic traffic. You have to set your ad campaign properly. Testimonials of the customers or advertisers of your blog will do a charm in this case. Ask them politely to write something for you when their contract is over or after a certain time. People will love to hear that someone is satisfied with your service and they are making the right decision choosing your blog or site to advertise.

The direct ad selling on your blog might work best if you can combined it with some text link ads and thus you can earn from both. Let me know if you have some more ideas or thought about this matter.
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