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What Should I Do If ATM Machine Doesn't Give Money During Cashout?

Started by DJ RONY, December 09, 2016, 05:07:07 PM

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This is not a common scenario. But this happens a lot of times.

This is why I ask people to use certain ATMs in Bangladesh while withdrawing money with your Payoneer card.

Let's see which bank's ATM you should avoid:

02. DUTCH BANGLA BANK (They were good earlier).

After a failed attempt to withdraw money via payoneer card and ATM doesn't provide money: -

Stay cool, nobody can eat up the money. It is just delayed in the system and couldn't be charged or dispersed.



Check your balance if the money is already credited to your payoneer account.
Normally it can take 1 hour or less.

If they money is not credited then ask the Payoneer support, they will tell you what to do next.

If the Bank still haven't claimed the money from Payoneer, they will ask you to wait. May be a week or more. There is nothing to do as your money is in the pipeline and it is on nobody's court.

after the desired time and if the bank claims the money, I mean the transaction is settled in your card statement/payoneer account, You will be able to raise a dispute to get your money back.
I do what I love, Money Comes on the Way.


Dear brother, I told you details in you mail, and with a attatchement, please let me know now, hot get back my money now ? I attache a file, thst is come from payoneer,


As I said earlier on the post, you need to wait for the transaction to be settled. You can see the settled transaction in your Payoneer account transaction details section.

After it is settled, it should be credited to your account, if not. you can raise a dispute. You may have to wait for a week.
I do what I love, Money Comes on the Way.


Thanks for your responce, I have another ask for clear my confusion, I have check my transaction quary, there I to see automatically showing credit which I lost before two days ago, but my account limit is $2.83 only, why ?
now I have to take any step to add this balane in my main account ? please help me about this prblem and see my attachement for your understan my requirements, Thanks,


Hmm, got it. This is a normal scenario. The money is not still processed. This is like you have a load request but it is still processing. Should be added in a week. If not, please confirm with payoneer support.
I do what I love, Money Comes on the Way.