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Amazon work

Started by md.shuvo, September 28, 2016, 07:11:14 AM

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1st salam niben .Assalamualaikum vaiya.ami ak vaiar amazon ar kishu product ar wishlist ar kaj kori but amay se ar beshi kisui jante dey na .apni ki amay amazon ar kaj ki vabe kororte hoy parsonali sikhte hellp korte paren?VISON UPOKAR HOBE.


OK, start learning from today.

01. Post in the appropriate board by reading the message board title. [I have moved this topic here]
02. Either write in English or in Full Bengali.
03. If he is working on Amazon affiliate marketing than this is no secret. Everyone with a little investment or skill can start the business.

Keep an eye in the social media pages who talks about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Once your question is specific I can teach you :)
I do what I love, Money Comes on the Way.