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Payoneer / I Forgot My Payoneer PIN - what to do?
« Last post by delwar on April 03, 2018, 02:35:39 PM »
Many time I have been asked this question.

The solution is to contact the Payoneer support. The support will answer within 2-3 days and you can reset your Payoneer PIN with their help.

I have never lost my Payoneer PIN, so don't know how it works. But, without the support help you can't reset the pin.
SEO / Do Link Exchange bad for your website? Why?
« Last post by delwar on November 09, 2017, 12:12:49 PM »
If someone asks you to do a link exchange with your already established site, what will you do? They will link to yours and you will link to them?

Should you take the risk even they are an authority site?
Ask Anything / Re: payoneer
« Last post by delwar on October 30, 2017, 01:01:05 PM »
I do not think so.
Ask Anything / payoneer
« Last post by Rafi on October 20, 2017, 02:47:32 AM »
Payoneer এ withdraw to your bank account এ ডাচ বাংলা ব্যাংক এজেন্ট ব্যাংকিং এর মাধ্যমে কি টাকা উঠানো যাবে??
E-Books / The Niche Site Checklist
« Last post by delwar on June 06, 2017, 05:13:32 PM »
A good read from RankXL.

Once you have completed the basics of niche site creation this is a handy guide for you. This shows how you actually make money.
Ask Anything / Re: freelancing
« Last post by Michbah Uzzaman Rafi on February 11, 2017, 10:31:56 PM »
BROTHER Web development and graphics design is differnt.if you are a graphics designer then dont have to need web development
Blogging / Writing great content is hard! This might help you..
« Last post by Tamal Anwar on February 11, 2017, 02:08:06 PM »
5 Easy but Effective Blog Posts Ideas Anyone Can Try

Post highlights:

Top 10 lists
How to tutorials
Product reviews
Pros & Cons/Good things & bad things about a product
Ask Anything / Re: Master Card
« Last post by delwar on February 07, 2017, 01:04:13 AM »
If you open a bank account you you can get a local master card.

For international payment you need a credit card or payoner like card services. Payoneer card needs time to reach your hand.
Ask Anything / Master Card
« Last post by Mirza Zia Uddin Ahmed on February 04, 2017, 01:52:00 AM »
How can I get a quick master card in Bangladesh with in 2 days or within 1 week??
Freelancing / Re: freelancing
« Last post by delwar on December 25, 2016, 03:56:35 AM »
With graduation you can gather more knowledge, that always matter. And if you take computer related subject that is a bonus point.

Freelancing shouldn't be your target. It's just another profession. Please complete your grad school first.
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